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Some of our clients include...

“Even though I’m not a training professional, working with Cynthia certainly makes me feel like a pro!  The results we’ve produced together in such a short period of time were nothing short of amazing.  She brought a wealth of experience to my project, and she helped me successfully navigate all the potential pitfalls.  As a result, we were able to get straight to the heart of the matter, and instead of months, my project took only a few weeks!  If you’re looking to work with someone who really knows how to get things done (and who will empower you in the process), I highly recommend Cynthia and Sage eLearning.”

Kelley Hoffman, CIR, CDR, ENFP
Textron Talent Acquisition Center


Seattle Avionics Software, Inc.


 Completed Projects:

  • Software Demos for Voyager Flight Software System - Internet Demos
  • Version 4.0 Software Features - Sales Video
  • Voyager Interactive Software Training - eLearning Course

Washinton Mutual Bank


Completed Projects:

  • WaMu CORE Recruiting Training -  6 eLearning Modules
  • Talent Builder Tutorials - 6 Intranet Tutorials
  • Performance Management Series - 4 Blended Courses
  • CIA: Uncovering Customer Benefits & Costs... - eLearning
  • Enterprise Manager Basics Program - 8 Blended & eLearning Courses
  • ePassport - Announcement Marketing Video
  • WaMu's President's Club - Interactive CD-Rom
  • Job Search Transition Tutorial - eLearning Course
  • WaMu Enterprise Learning Department - Templates for eLearning, Course Materials & Instructor Guides

Iron Mountain


Completed Projects: 

  • Iron Mountain Connect Sales Training Demo - eLearning Course
  • SecureSync Sales Training Demo - eLearning Course
  • Data Protection Workflows - eLearning Course
  • Archival Destruction Workflows - eLearning Course
  • Record Management Workflows - eLearning Course



Completed Projects: 

  • 18 "Just In Time" stand-alone  - eLearning tutorials w/audio

Projects in Progress: 

  • 30 minute demonstration/simulation  - eLearning tutorial w/audio, quiz and animated avitar

Due to confidentiality and the proprietary content within our projects, we refrain from posting client's courses on our web site.

For prospective clients interested in viewing our work, please
contact us. We are happy to arrange a web meeting in which we will gladly showcase relevant projects or provide you live links to our eLearning courses available through our clients, with permission of course!    Thank you for understanding.